BBOOTS v3.0.3 – HTML5/CSS3 Fully Responsive phpBB3.1 Theme

BBOOTS™ Is The First And Only Fully Responsive phpBB® Unofficial HTML5/CSS3 Theme Built Entirely from the GROUND-UP. It’s Clean And Crisp Design Looks AWESOME Across All Browsers And Devices. Based on Bootstrap Framework is sure to AMAZE the phpBB Fan Club…
BBOOTS 3.0.3 released on Nov 13, 2014
BBcore Update: Now including a default offline board page and the fantastic Gravatar addon! (marketplace.php?mode=view&item_id=2) -The gravatar is off by default. This can be enabled via ACP > Avatar settings > Enable gravatar: YES
Bootstrap updated to 3.3.1
Jquery Cookies updated to 1.4.1