Perfect – Full CRM v1.0.3 – Codecanyon 14013737

Perfex CRM is full Client Relations Management software. Perfex CRM comes with very clean and modern design and almosts fits for every company. Fully cusomizable with available action hooks. Drop us an email if you want new action hook to be included.

Give your customers the support they deserve, their invoice overview from your company in a very easy way. Perfex CRM allow you to be more professional in your customers eyes.
Version 1.0.3
General Changes
Bug fixes
Small improvements
Responsive Improvements
Improved task view.
Bugs and fixes
Fixed error when field is inactive/datatable was not working.
When task was created from staff which is not admin the user cant access the task.
Fixed Invoice PDF client note text wrap. The text was going out from the PDF.
Fixed add new ticket status problem.
Ticket attachments download from customer area fixed.
Newsfeed images width fixed.
On admin dashboard page the stats was not responsive, now fixed and improved.
Invoice stats page UI fixed.
Translation strings fixed.
Translation strings fixed.
Recuring invoice cron repeating bug fixed.
Added link to profile on staff/customer when making reply on ticket from admin area.
Added custom fields for leads/customers/staff/contracts/tasks
Added contract types