User Rating / Review v3.1 Add on for UserPro

This is an add-on. You must have at least UserPro v2.4 to use it.
Ability to rate other users using Star Ratings or using Text Comments.
You can choose to allow Anonymous reviews . If disabled, then UserProfiles will show up against the Text Review Comments.
Restrict the Text Comments to a specified limit using the settings.
PO/MO files available – all labels /messages can be translated.
Can be set up on a multi-site installation too.
View average numerical ratings for other users.
Allow only certain roles to rate other users.
Users can rate each other (using 5 stars) either via the profile or via a specific page using this shortcode…
Version 3.1(18 Jan 2016)
- New Feature :Added configurable option for enabling/disabling rating on post
- Fixed Bug :User unable to reivew onces they delete the review