WooCommerce Membership v2.1

WooCommerce Membership extension allows you to sell online memberships with WooCommerce and restrict access to posts and pages on your website. Memberships for specific customers are activated after order that contains membership product is paid or marked as processing or completed. Membership will be cancelled when corresponding order is cancelled or refunded or membership
Version 2.1, 7 February 2016
[+] Multiple users can now be granted access at once from Users page
[+] File downloads are now automatically restricted on membership expiration
[+] Added option to enable content restrictions for admin user for testing purposes
[+] Added support for automatic updates
[+] Added supported WordPress and WooCommerce version checks
[*] Fixed limitation of member export tool
[*] Improved language file loading - now also looks in WP_LANG_DIR
[*] Other minor bug fixes and improvements